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For this pattern, I chose to approach the concept of exploration to the depths of our vast ocean. As of 2017, the National Ocean Service has stated that we explored less 5% of our world's oceans.

Collaboration for animated gif with Mark Chen

Pattern Test.jpg
Final Exploration Tile.png

Truth: Colorful Collaborative Comfort

Colorful, Collaborative, Comfort is based on the truth that comfort food does not need a recipe. This is built on the notion of committing a recipe to memory after making it over and over again -  When it comes to the point that these meals can be made without thinking and as close to second nature as possible.

I wanted each pattern to speak for themselves as a reflection of the person that they are modeled after. I wanted the colors in this project to be collectively colorful and vibrant, the energy shift from high and slightly chaotic to set and formulated.

Based on these patterns, I see them being displayed as decorative accessories to the kitchen and the home.

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