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This body of work depicts dishes that my grandmother has made. This collection of illustrations has cultural significance as well as traditional importance, such is the passing down of recipes orally and visually as opposed to being written down in a recipe book. My mother’s family is from Ilocos Norte, a northern province in the Philippines. My Lola’s role was to make food for my mom and her siblings. Even now, whenever my mom creates these recipes from memory they are not completely true to how my grandmother makes these dishes, and for myself, whenever I try to make them, am even more removed. Even though I do not have a strong enough palette to be able to guess what ingredients go into the dish, my identity as an artist helps me accurately remember visually which I then translate into my illustrations. There are blanks and some grey areas, but ultimately what makes the meal, is the intangible ingredient of love and memory. I chose to depict these foods with an understanding and focus on how precious each dish is for me and how beautiful I find the process of having oral tradition is in each generation of my mother’s family.­­­­

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